Criminal Law

Criminal Attorney Douglasville GAHave you been arrested recently in Douglasville with Misdemeanor charges? Felony charges? You may very well find yourself in need of Douglasville’s Criminal Attorney, Sherri Kelley. 

Sherri has represented every kind of criminal law. America has long been known as the land of ‘innocent until proven guilty,’ and that is the very foundation of Sherri Kelley’s Criminal Law practice. She is in your corner!

When you are charged with a crime it is vitally important that you have an attorney representing you who cannot only ensure that you are protected and granted all your constitutional rights but as well can walk you through the process and help you understand the judicial system.

Anyone charged with a crime whether it be a misdemeanor or a felony could be facing possible jail time, fines and other punishment. 

Your freedom is the most important right we have. At times when you are facing such critical decisions it is important to have the guidance and support of an experienced criminal defense attorney in order to help you understand your rights and to make intelligent decisions about your future. Years of experience have taught Sherri Kelley to work within the aspect of the criminal justice system to ensure and to provide effective representation from your initial arrest through the final aspect of sentencing if the case proceeds to that conclusion.

From the time of your arrest in the state of Georgia, you only have 72 hours to secure an attorney to represent you for your first bond hearing. If the bond is denied, your attorney must file a motion for bond. Regardless of what you were arrested for, your rights as a United States Citizen entitle you to legal representation. You could be charged with anything from traffic violations, fraud, manslaughter, defrauding the government, rape, racketeering, or any number of what is deemed as criminal activities. You could be a minor, a median adult, or even a senior citizen.

Regardless of your age, race, or creed, and in spite of the criminal activity you are charged with, Sherri Kelley can represent YOU.

If you are in Douglas County, and you have been charged with a Felony or Misdemeanor, call Douglasville’s Criminal Defense Attorney, Sherri Kelley. Her hard work and studies at Georgia State Law School, along with her private practice in her hometown of Douglasville since 1997, make Sherri Kelley the ‘lawyer worth trusting.’ It’s your freedom. It’s your future. Don’t let your present circumstances ruin the rest of your life. Call Sherri Kelley today at 770.577.3736!