Juvenile Attorney Douglasville GAHas your child been charged with a misdemeanor? A felony? Have they been officially labeled as unruly or as a delinquent? Have they spent time in a Juvenile Detention Center?

If this is you, you and your child need the very best in Juvenile Law representation. Juvenile Law is a very volatile and sensitive situation, and can effect your family for generations to come.

Having the right Juvenile Law Attorney can be the difference between generations of progress, or generations of struggling to escape the past. Sherri Kelley can help!

Juvenile court also addresses temporary custody issues pertaining to minor children who are considered be deprived.  Deprived under the State of Georgia law includes children who are without the proper parental care and supervision as required by law.  This is generally where parents are failing to provide basic care required to their minor children.  Oftentimes this deals with parents who have become involved with abuse situations, substance abuse and mental health difficulties. 

The Department of Family and Children Services often handles and brings these cases before the court but there can also be private deprivation brought if children are not being cared for appropriately by their parents.  Juvenile court is not a court that generally deals with custody between parents nor is it usually a long-term way to address children’s permanent custody but it can address emergency issues if parents are failing to provide the basic appropriate necessities for their minor children. 

Sherri Kelley can help you understand the processes of a private deprivation and also defend against deprivations that may be brought against you due to allegations of your failure to provide for your children.  Oftentimes these can be very complex and drawn-out cases and you need the experience and the skill of an attorney like Sherri Kelley to help you understand what you need to accomplish to protect the rights of the minor children.

The decisions of the court can vastly determine your child’s future. Sherri Kelley has tremendous experience in settling cases of Juvenile Law. Mistakes happen, especially from our young people. You can avoid turning a tough situation into an impossible one by making one simple phone call to Sherri Kelley today!

If you live in Douglasiville, Hiram, Dallas, Lithia Springs, Villa Rica, Carrollton, or any other town in or around Western Georgia, Sherri Kelley can help keep your juvenile’s past from becoming a difficult future, marred by the stains of delinquency.

Even if your child is acquitted, or falsely accused, the record of Juvenile Law activity can haunt your family future if the records are not sealed by a court order.

Sherri Kelley knows Juvenile Law, and she is the Attorney for you and your family! 

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