Child Custody

child custody attorneyLitigation dealing with the custody of minor children is often one of the most heart wrenching areas of the law. Oftentimes people are fighting to protect the interests of minor children who cannot speak for themselves and cannot protect themselves.

This is not a situation where you should be without experienced and effective counsel which our office can provide.

It is also important to present all of the facts and information to the court so that they can make a full and appropriate decision concerning the best interests of the minor child. Sherri Kelley has substantial experience in the area of dealing with child custody matters in Douglas County and surrounding counties and is able to present your issues and facts in the most effective manner in any custody matter.
Much like the child custody laws in nearly every state, Georgia has it’s own unique set of laws regarding the custody of children before, during, and after divorce, imprisonment, spousal death, or whatever reasons might make the custody of a child into a legal issue. No matter why you may be seeking legal counsel or representation in child custody issues, Sherri Kelley has the experience, the tact, and the tenacity to pursue and close your child custody battle.

You could be facing a Legal Custody or Joint Legal Custody situation. Or perhaps the Physical Custody of your children is at stake.  Call Sherri Kelley today and be one step closer to resolving your Child Custody battles. And lest we forget who is really at stake in these legal processes, Sherri Kelley will fight with swift and thorough action to remedy your Child Custody legalities, not just for you, but for your Child.

The safety of a child you love may very well hang in the balance!