Drug Crimes

Sherri Kelley's SignHave you been arrested on charges of Drug Possession?

Have you been accused of Drug Trafficking?

Have the police charged you with Drug Manufacturing, Drug Distribution, or ‘Intent to Distribute’ Charges?

Are you facing charges of Illegal possession, Sale, or Distribution of a Controlled Substance?

Don’t waste one second, call Sherri Kelley, Douglasville's Drug Crime Attorney today and get the best Drug Criminal Charge Attorney on your side.

Did you know there are 5 Divisions, or Schedules, of Drug Law indictments in the state of Georgia? Did you know that any of these 5 could result in jail time, stiff fines, loss of license, loss of employment, as well as a huge scar on any and all of your future endeavors?

For the rest of your life, you could have to tell every prospective employer about any drug crime convictions?

Although employers should not let the mistakes of a prospective employees past determine their decision on whether or not to hire you, there is no doubt that it will factor heavily into their decision.

If you don’t want your past drug crime conviction to govern your chances for a long and productive future, call Sherri Kelley today and allow her to represent you.

For more information on Drug Crimes in Georgia visit the link below: http://clery.emory.edu/policies/penalties.html