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Contempt Actions are needed when there is a valid court order in place such as a Divorce Decree and someone is not abiding by what was ordered by the Judge. 

Most times this is nonpayment of child support but can also include other issues such as denial of visitation, joint legal rights, failure to pay required bills and even distribution of personal property. 

The Law Office of Sherri Kelley is well versed in handling contempt matters and bringing them before the appropriate court in order to address the problem due to someone else’s failure to abide by the previous court’s order. 

These cases are generally filed in the county where you obtained the order and is brought back before the Judge who issued the order so that he can address the noncompliance of either party with his directive.

If you family is currently facing this, then call The Law Office of Sherri Kelley today at 770.577.3736 and allow us to help you through this difficult time.