Adoption Attorney DouglasvilleWhether you are fighting to adopt a child you know, so that you may remove them from an unsavory situation, or you are looking to adopt a newborn or other child, Douglasville's Adoption Attorney, Sherri Kelley, is on your side!

Each state mandates and regulates its own adoption policies, and Sherri Kelley is well versed in Georgia’s adoption laws. The process can be long and laborious, and especially mind-blowing if you are desperately trying to help an unfortunate child. Sherri Kelley can help you navigate Georgia’s Adoption Policies in the most precise and efficient way possible, while providing upmost concern for the children involved!

Georgia’s Adoption Policy Prerequisites:

  • Must be 25 years of age
  • Must be at least 10 years older than attempted adoptee
  • Must have been a resident of the state of Georgia for at least 6 months
  • Must be physically, mentally, and financially capable of becoming an adopted parent


Adoption can be one of the most challenging areas of domestic law because a parent can lose all rights to a minor child in an adoption action.  Adoption actually has two parts which includes first a termination of the parental rights of either one or both parents and then a second part to determine whether or not the person seeking to adopt the child is an appropriate and fit parent and is it in the best interests of the child for that person to adopt the child.

            An uncontested adoption can be done when all parties agree and the parents have executed surrenders of their parental rights in order to allow someone else to adopt their child. 

            With a contested adoption, first the court has to look into and inquire about terminating the parental right of one or both parents.  This is usually based upon misconduct, abandonment or inability to care for the child in an appropriate manner.  Once the court and the evidence is presented to allow the parents’ rights to be terminated,  then the court has to do an investigation and evidence is presented on whether or not the person seeking to adopt the minor child is an appropriate caretaker for the child. 

            Adoptions can be very complex and also very heart wrenching because you are dealing with the future of children.  Sherri Kelley can help you understand the processes as well as present the evidence in order to successfully handle your adoption needs.


Perhaps you are a Douglasville father, or mother, or perhaps you are a relative of the child you are seeking to adopt. It would be tragic to place your future adopted son or daughter’s future in the balance by going with someone who does not fully understand Georgia’s Adoption Policies and laws.  

As former president of the Prevent Child Abuse chapter for Douglas County, Sherri Kelley is EXTREMELY passionate about the well being of our children. And she will not hesitate to facilitate whatever legal action is necessary to ensure the safety and the future of your soon-to-be adopted son or daughter. Call Sherri Kelley today at 770.577.3736!